Sunday, April 29, 2012

A private view: Marquesa de Wolfe’s domain…

Green goat skin "Grinch" stools

This month dahhling I would like to invite you on a tour of my dear friend, Marquesa de Wolfe’s private domain. 

The Marquesa’s house is in the oldest part of the Garden an old building that originally housed the carriages and the horses for the facing Jones street mansions.  This of course is so apropos considering the love the Marquesa has for horses and everything equestrian.

I must tell you I had a grand time decorating all three floors of this wonderful house and was delighted to have free reign (the Marquesa trusting my impecable taste..¡Obvio!) to choose every single detail, from wall colors, to art work, to the way in which the books were stacked in bookselves... simply a decorators dream!

When asked the Marquesa says that the Veranda is her favorite of all the rooms.

but in truth, she loves them so nice to have options no?

Until soonest…

The Duchess of State  


Reggie Darling said...

Dearest Duchess, this is, indeed a lovely house, and beautifully decorated. What, may I ask, happened to the Town Drunk" posts? I do so adore your stories of life in and around the Garden. Won't you please continue to enlighten your readers with your marvelous stories, too? Reggie

Daniel James Shigo said...

Love the china and the mirrored dresser and can't remember ever seeing a tiled headboard. Interesting.

Unknown said...

AAHHHH>>>>>There you are!I see we have been working on a new LOOK!I have missed your postings!Been to Charleston and back and loved everything about it!I'm turning green with envy over the "ROOM" for the closet in this post!How utterly logical!The Marquesa has a deevine abode love all your touches!

helen tilston said...

Dearest Dahling Duchess,

I lost you, though the changes in blogger, and today I found you. I have subscribed to you. This is a wonderful post and such an inviting home.

Stop by and say 'Hi", I have missed your energy and enthusiasm

Helen Tilston

Casa Très Chic said...

This house is lovely dahhling!
Love specially the fireplace and the blue and white walls.
Have a fabulous new week.

HRH The Duchess of State said...

Such kind words dahhlings! Thank you all for your feedback..

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