Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Royal Apartment....

Photo by Lily Lewin

Have you missed me dahhling? I know it has been a bit since we have visited, but alas I have been soo busy with so many decorating project dahhling.  But I have missed you too!  
Here is my project from the first part of the 2012.

Photo by Lily Lewin

Photo by Lily Lewin

Photo by Lily Lewin

Photo by Lily Lewin

Photo by Lily Lewin

Photo by Lily Lewin

Photo by Lily Lewin

Photo by Lily Lewin

This petit Royal apartment was decorated for my dearest boy wonder: the Baron. although with the face of a youth, his taste & budding refinement is such that he demanded interiors to match his sense of style..
One of the first challenges I faced were the hardwood floors. They were in horrid condition with no hope of rescuing them from years of neglect & bad living. So I did what anyone would do dahhling... had them painted immediately in a high gloss beautiful shade of gray!

Since this is the third project I have worked on for the dear Baron, it is always so much fun & I so look forward to the escapades we have all over the Garden & beyond sourcing the perfect items to bring together my vision of the space.  The art work in the parlor is by one of my favorite abstract painters: Bert John. His use of color, texture and the manner in which he finished his paintings with silver leafed edges is magnificent! His modern take on the usual marsh land scenes of the coastal region is a breath of fresh air.  Everyone should have a Bert John in their house dahhling!

The beautiful black & white photographs is the artwork of photographer Lily Lewin from her catalogue of photos taken during her trip to Rome this past summer. The Baron, a devout admirer of her work, selected these images from Lily's Rome catalogue & had them printed on canvas to be installed in the dining room walls. 

Soon I promise to bring you more, including the project I recently finished: A Gentleman's Apartment in the City (located in the middle of the Garden) and of course my latest project for my dearest Marquesa de Charleston in the FAB city of Charleston, SC.

Until soonest dahhlings!
The Duchess of State


Reggie Darling said...

A very elegant apartment, thank you for sharing so many photos of it. Now, m'dear, won't you please entertain us, your devoted readers, with a few more of your wickedly amusing and juicy stories of life in the Garden? One loves your marvelous decorating, but one adores your divine stories even more... Reggie

Jonny said...

That fireplace is breathtaking!

My Notting Hill said...

I poured over all these images. It's a beautiful, classic space with interesting twists. You've done an amazing job, thanks for sharing it.

HRH The Duchess of State said...

Thank you dahhlings for your comments! It is one of (4) projects that have kept so busy this year...

Reggie, dahhling, don't you worry there is still much more to come from me...

Jonny, thank you kindly.

Notting Hill, you are too kind dahhling.

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