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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Art After Dark...

With all the resolutions that everyone traditionally makes at the end of each year as varied as people themselves are, it is always interesting to learn what everyone you know is hoping to accomplish the following year.  Here are a few of my favorites:

La Condesa:
"I resolve in the New Year...
to only write letters with a fountain pen.

to memorize a very long poem.
to spend more time daydreaming about the Renaissance.
to photograph one startling image each day.
Basically I shall try to fortify the tunnel vision I possess which blocks the depressing aesthetics of the modern world and like a special lens focus only on the pretty bits"

Baron Kleinstschwule
"To entertian more!!!!"

Lady Cecile:
"This may sound curious but one of my personal resolutions is to do more things that I enjoy.
Run more, try new recipes, read about Attila the Hun (yes, you read that correctly-he's a historical figure worthy of revisiting), purchase a better winter handbag, try on skinny jeans and treat myself to Indian food more frequently…It also appears that I need to refine my ability to write new year s resolutions."

Baroness EuJane:
"My New Year's resolution is not to ever make one!"

As for me dahhhhlings, well I am reminded this year that I have not supported something that is fundamental to my existence: The Arts!  Many years ago I was known, not so much for writing a check to show my support & appreciation but for taking a very active approach to give back to what the arts in general gave me.    

I would host a cocktail party in my flat for all the symphony musicians (only) immediately following their master works concerts at the Civic Center… dahhling talk about an instant black tie party! I met so many incredibly talented people both members of our now defunct Savannah Symphony as well as traveling guest artists.  It was thrilling to go from listening & watching them make such beautiful music on the stage & feeling that amazing energy of creativity to having them all at once in my petit grand appartement with rooms enfilade.  There was never need for formal invitations; the key would be that if they saw me walking around back stage at intermission they knew I would be expecting them after the concert. It became the invitation to an evening soirée.  

I also supported my other passion: Theater by hosting an after party on the opening night of the Institutions main play.  However it all depended on which of my favorite student actor was in each play.  The rule was simple, only those involved in the play were invited, costume designers, actors, stage hands, set designers, musicians, etc.  It was electrifying to be in a flat full of people who after months & months of rehearsals have finally performed for the first time in front of an audience. 

To support up and coming artists (painters, photographers, sculptors) I organized a series called: Art After Dark, which was a private event meant to help build the self esteem of an artist, give them exposure & sell! The event would be by invitation only & would take place throughout the Garden. Sometimes a warehouse, sometimes a penthouse apartment, a yacht & even once in my own petit grand appartement!  For the exhibition of black & white photography of the talented German photographer: Maren Krings which were taken during her months spent among a very rural part of the jungle in Panamá, I decided to empty the entire contents of my flat, and convert the space into a private gallery for (2) days!  A favorite photo was selected to create a huge poster that hung over the balcony for 3 weeks prior to the event: “Panamá, Life Simple”. Building excitement.    Here a few photos from the archives of this particular event dahhlings:

"HRH The Duchess of State" by Ryan Brennan
To celebrate those years of my life, I comissioned a painting by the very talented painter and instalation artist: Ryan Brennan to capture those memories. So for the year 2012 my resolution is to look to the past to set some new goals for the future and to celebrate those that inspire me so!  With the creation of a new set of classically trained musicians that make up The Savannah Philharmonic, an endless supply of every kind of imaginable creative and talented young persons in the Garden attending the venerable institution for instruction and art education the possibilities are endless ¿no? What are your resolutions for the New Year dahhlings?
Until soonest…

The Duchess of State

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The FAB Duchess of Demilunes, Damask & Semi-tropical Decay

Last night, I had the pleasure of hosting an early supper for the FAB Susan Sully or as she was known all of her years living in the genteel city of Charleston, S.C.: The Duchess of Demilunes, Damask & Semi-tropical Decay.  Susan Sully, as you know dahhling, is the very well known author of over 10 amazing books on the extravagance, elegance, flair & style of the Southern Interiors. All of her books have that special quality of more than inviting you in, to otherwise closed private rooms of La Sociedad and members of the Noblesse, but the images she chooses also reveal the intimate personality of its residents.  They are just superb!  (

For the invitations, since Susan’s work has been featured in Veranda, Martha Steward living & other magazines, I recreated an issue of these magazines & placed the details for the dinner inside. Remember dahhling the limits are only set by yourself. 

For the table setting, I decided that the beauty & quiet elegance of Blue Delft porcelain would make the perfect stage for entertaining another Duchess, since overnight we woke up with “fall” temperatures, I added the beauty of the yellow sunflowers in bubble vases from Arcanum.  I kept the guest list to an elegant group of taste makers: El Conde y La Condesa, the Earl of Cavendish, Baron Kleinstschwule, the FAB Ms. Susan Mason, Lord Crabtree & Lady Hamilton, the talented photographer Lady Cecile Shiver and Aristocratic Viscount.

Chocolat Almond Bark Lion Medallions

Of course the topics of the supper ranged from Susan Sully sharing with the group that she is working on her newest & latest book! “Houses with Charm: Simple Southern Style”, the travels to San Miguel de Allende of the ultra chic Ms Susan Mason, to the latest whisperings around the Garden..
Until soonest…

The Duchess of State
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